Meet the Artist

Austin Wood comes from a very diverse background. As a child, he was surrounded by a family comprised of engineers, artists, and builders.

At age 5, while living on a cattle ranch in Southern Idaho, Austin began piano lessons. He found he possessed a gift for playing by ear, easily playing back any song he heard. This love for music evolved into a love for composing music. Austin has been a prolific songwriter, and has performed in venues throughout Idaho and Utah. His music has been featured on multiple albums, and has been played internationally.

Austin’s gift for feeling music bleeds into his favorite medium, Metal sculpting.

Much like Austin plays by ear, hearing the music as it should be, he has the unique ability to “see in metal”. He identifies the hidden potential in what most people would see as a pile of scrap. He describes the creative process as seeing an image, and simply revealing it, and setting it free.

Austin has sculpted metal for years. He draws inspiration from his experiences working in agriculture, enjoying nature, historical events, and the celebration of indigenous cultures.

Having Graduated from Weber State University, with a degree in Engineering, Austin works as a professional engineer. He knows the value of creating something that is not only beautiful and inspiring, but also structurally sound, able to withstand the test of time.

His art is timeless.

Custom Design

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